Modern Casting Technologies.

We deliver high-quality, complex castings using modern casting technologies and a highly skilled team of experienced foundry employees.

Our Casting Capabilities.

  • Shell Core
  •  4 | Shalco U-150
  •  5 | Shalco U-180
  •  2 |B&P SF-10
  • Phenolic Urethane
  •  2 | ABC 6
  •  2 | ABC 25
  • Airset (Furan)
  •  Palmer M100XLD System
  •  Whirl Air Flow System
  • 4 – 60 Gallon Core Coating Tanks
  • 3 Core Curing Ovens
  • 3D Core Outsourcing
  • Induction Furnaces
  • Pouring Ladles
  • Electronite Datacast
  • Nodularity Tests
  • Spectrometer samples
  • Test bars for tensile, yield & elongation testing
  • Wheelabrator Tumble Blast Machines
  • Pangborn Table Blast
  • Fox Snag Grinders

Other Capabilities.

Your Commercial Casting Partner

At Prospect Foundry, we have built a reputation on excellence. Since 1936, we have worked with leaders across the agricultural, construction & mining, fluid power, industrial and transportation markets in Minneapolis and beyond. 


Our ability to produce superior complex castings with a competitive lead time and less than 5,000 PPM makes us the first choice when manufacturers are looking for a commercial foundry near Minneapolis


Based in the Twin Cities, we have partnered with businesses across the country, supplying custom parts at competitive prices, with an uncompromising level of quality and excellence. We are a commercial foundry with decades of experience backing us. This experience enables us to provide engineering assistance, new product design and modern casting technologies for our partners projects in Minneapolis and beyond.  


When lead time is essential and quality is required, contact a commercial foundry near Minneapolis that you can trust. Contact the team at Prospect Foundry.