How Foundries are Integral to the Future of Electric Vehicles

Prospect Foundry March 28, 2023

Electric vehicles are rightfully viewed as game changers. Transportation is nearing its next great leap forward. Amid this leap, the technology involved is bound to change. Electric vehicles are inherently different from what we have been used to. They are quieter, energy efficient, and operate differently than their predecessors. That may lead some to believe that the materials and parts needed to assemble electric vehicles are vastly different. 

Businesses that rely on the automotive industry for their income – such as a cast iron foundry – may be wary of what this technological advancement will mean for them. While there are some differences and a need to adjust, there is one fundamental fact – the need for iron casting is as high as ever. Here is why foundries should get their casting molds ready.

Plenty of Work to Go Around

While they may operate differently, there are several ways in which a cast iron foundry can aid the assembly of electric vehicles. Iron casting will be used for critical components such as the battery tray along with parts of the electric drive unit (EDU). Casting can also be used to reduce the overall part number, which can help lower the cost of producing electric vehicles.

Design Partner

Given that electric vehicles are still relatively new, innovations are likely to happen at a frenetic pace. This offers foundries an opportunity to showcase their ability to be strong strategic partners. The best foundries offer solutions to problems that their partners don’t even know they have yet. By designing parts that streamline the function of electric vehicles, foundries will prove to the automotive industry that they will continue to be a valuable partner regardless of how the vehicles are powered. 

Materials Available

A built-in advantage of casting is that many materials can be used in the process. Should the composition of the parts made for the automotive industry need to change, casting molds can be made that will be able to handle the shift. This allows a cast iron foundry to flex its versatility and prove that they are in it with the automotive industry for the long haul.

Partnering Into The Future

Auto manufacturers have relied on cast iron foundries for years and with the explosion of electric vehicles over the past few years, it would be fair to worry if that partnership was nearing its end. Fear not! Car manufacturers need a cast iron foundry to rely on now more than ever. Prospect Foundry is here to provide the type of strategic partnership that will carry the industry into this next great era. If you need casting solutions that go above and beyond for your business, reach out today!

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