How Metal Casting Technology Is Evolving in 2023

Prospect Foundry January 5, 2023

Metal casting is an ancient process. Humanity has used metal casting in some form since 1300 BC. Yes, that long ago. Amazing how, with all of the different advances in technology that we are still so reliant upon such an ancient craft. Despite its age, metal casting is looking for modern solutions along with every other industry in order to survive. Craftsmanship cannot be sacrificed as processes are modernized, but with increasing supply chain challenges, foundries must respond with modern solutions. Here we will explore what some of those solutions have been and how they are evolving metal casting technology going into 2023. 

Supply Chain Solutions

A growing trend over the past few years will continue into 2023. Constantly tweaking and improving supply chain management will set foundries apart in the coming year. With so many industries relying on the metal castings provided by foundries, the inflow and outflow of materials and finished products must remain constant. These process improvements are not a detriment to the craftsmanship of the shop, but rather, they provide a boost. When each point along the supply chain is operating at maximum efficiency, those working the floor are able to focus on the task at hand. With that focus, foundries are able to ship parts with quality assured. 

A Helping Hand

Along the same lines as supply chain management, automation is helping foundries to reach new levels of productivity. Automation helps in two ways. 

  • First, automation ensures consistency across a run. With a lower margin of error than non-automated systems, there is less waste with an automated system. Both in terms of raw materials due to consistently precise pouring as well as producing a minimal amount of flawed pieces. 
  • Secondly, automation helps foundries keep production high as much of the work is completed by machinery. This allows the technicians on the ground to supervise and stay ahead of the work, keeping an eye out for potential hiccups as well as possible improvements. These modern solutions keep metal casting a viable production method for a bevy of industries. 

Partners for the Future

Prospect Foundry is here to be your strategic partner in providing metal casting from prototype to finished product. With an industry leading 25-day lead time, we understand the importance of having solutions before problems even develop. We have a rich history of producing quality parts for partners in the agricultural, transportation, fluid power and construction industries. If you are ready to partner with us to provide your business with metal casting work with quality craftsmanship, reach out today!

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