An employee works diligently on an iron casting at Prospect Foundry, an iron foundry in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Commercial Foundry Near Burnsville

Serving Champlin with Quality Commercial Castings

High-volume and high-quality is our specialty. 


Commercial foundries near Champlin keep essential components of our country’s businesses in stock at the highest quality. As a commercial foundry serving leading manufacturers in Champlin and beyond, we strive to be the top choice for complex casting requests.


We specialize in custom, complex castings at a high volume to supply our clients with the parts they need, when they need them. If you are looking for a commercial foundry near Champlin who understands the necessity of durable industrial parts for your industry, you have come to the right place. 


At Prospect Foundry, we utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System, combined with a strong hold on supply chain management, to serve the industrial needs of Champlin businesses. Our commercial foundry capabilities set us apart through our 25-day lead time and industry-leading quality control.


At each step along the way, our commercial foundry employees leverage modern casting technology and longstanding experience to provide best-in-class castings for your goals, whether you are in Champlin, MN or across the country. 

Find a commercial foundry near Champlin who can meet your needs and exceed your standards. Request a quote today.

A Foundry Focused on the Future

At Prospect Foundry, we have built a reputation on excellence. Since 1936, we have worked with leaders across the agricultural, construction & mining, fluid power, industrial and transportation markets in Champlin and across the country. Our rich history and dedicated experience is what sets us apart from the rest, and is what will drive you forward.


Our ability to produce superior complex castings with a competitive lead time and less than 5,000 PPM makes us the first choice when manufacturers are looking for a commercial foundry near Champlin, MN


Based in the Twin Cities, we have partnered with businesses across the country, supplying custom parts at competitive prices, with an industry-leading level of quality and excellence. We are a commercial foundry with decades of experience backing us. This experience enables us to provide engineering assistance, new product design and modern casting technologies for our partners projects in Champlin and beyond.  


When lead time is essential and quality is required, contact a commercial foundry near Champlin that you can trust. Contact the team at Prospect Foundry.