An employee works diligently on an iron casting at Prospect Foundry, an iron foundry in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ductile Iron Casting in St. Paul

Low Mix. High Quality.

When it comes to ensuring you receive the highest quality achievable for custom metal machinery, ductile iron casting in St. Paul is your solution. 


Machinery and metal components for industrial applications require a quality and crafted refinement that ensures an entire system works in tandem. Ductile iron casting in St. Paul from a foundry with proven experience delivers quality assurance and confidence for large- and small-scale operations. 


Prospect Foundry takes your need for high-end metal castings and components seriously. We understand the importance and criticality of ductile iron casting in St. Paul and have established a reputation of excellence in our work. 


Our high-volume capabilities are catered to fill the needs of highly specific, specialized parts for your industry. This sets you up to order the complex ductile iron casting components you need at any volume, helping keep you ahead of future demand and up-to-date as a leader in your market. 

Looking for a foundry partner who can ensure quality and safety at all stages? Work with Prospect Foundry and let us deliver ductile iron casting in St. Paul to wherever you are going.

St Paul’s Trusted Foundry Partner

Since 1936, Prospect Foundry has driven the foundry and casting industry forward. Backed by more than 87 years of experience, we have refined our craft to ensure each casting and component we create is of the highest standard possible.


We are proud to lead the foundry industry in ductile iron casting and technology. By integrating traditional foundry practices with breakthrough technology and capabilities, we form strategic partnerships to deliver some of the industry’s finest metal castings and products. Our quality assurance measurements allow us to maintain less than 5,000 PPM, giving our partners the highest quality achievable. 


Our partnerships span influential industries in St. Paul and beyond, including:


  • Agricultural
  • Construction & Mining
  • Fluid Power
  • Industrial
  • Transportation


Located near St. Paul, MN and partnering with industry leaders across the country, Prospect Foundry has established a superior reputation of excellence in our complex castings. With 25-day lead times and high-volume, low mix specialization, we are St. Paul’s trusted foundry. 


Form a partnership with PF and receive unmatched quality.