Prospect Foundry supplies quality parts for the equipment that runs America's Agricultural Industry, such as the tractor pictured in this image.

Supplying America’s Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry is arguably the most important industry in America. We all rely on the steady supply of delicious, nutritious food making it to the grocery store each week. However, our nation’s great farmers cannot complete this herculean feat on their own (try as they may). It takes the dedicated work of several different industries to get those meat and potatoes to your plate each evening.  

Supplying America’s agricultural industry is no small task. A successful farm operation will have several different specialized implements that — you guessed it — need specialized pieces in order to run at peak efficiency. This is where the humble foundry comes in as specialized fabricators and masters of supply chain management.

From Parts to Peas

When you imagine a farm, your mind’s eye probably puts a tractor somewhere in the image. Well, foundries are not responsible for producing tractors, but they are tasked with creating components that help them run and complete tasks out in the field. You can probably guess a few; engine brackets, flywheels and transmission casings are all produced in foundries. Sure, these may only need slight modifications from their counterparts in your typical car, but there are more industry specific parts being produced in foundries at any given moment. 

If someone were to walk up to you on the street and say the words “seeder boots” or “baler needles” you would probably cross and get away from the stranger speaking nonsense at you. As it turns out, both are very important to keeping farm operations moving throughout the seasons. 

  • A seeder boot plays a crucial role in planting crops as part of a system to allow farmers to control the spacing in between seeds as they are planted. 
  • A baler needle is used to help control the twine as it is wound around the beautiful bales of hay seen on farmland throughout the country. 

It may sound very technical (and to be fair, it is) but these pieces help keep your produce section stocked day in and day out. 

We Are Proud to Supply America’s Agricultural Industry

With an industry that is so widely relied upon — such as the American agricultural industry — those who work in support of it must be ready at a moment’s notice. As masters of supply chain management, Prospect Foundry stands above the rest in our ability to supply the American agricultural industry with the components needed to keep their operations moving and the rest of us eating. By keeping the agricultural market as one of our specialties, we are able to maintain and update the processes needed to consistently produce all the flywheels, engine brackets, and yes, seeder boots and baler needles they could ever need. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your business.