Supporting Supply Chain Demand for America’s Transportation Industry

Prospect Foundry April 12, 2023

We are a nation of cars. Our interstate highway system connects the continental 48 in a way that makes travel and shipping a breeze. Whether you are going from Los Angeles to Tallahassee or from Duluth to Laredo – you can do so without even needing to exit (though we would recommend taking a break or two). 

We rely on these highways to help move important products across the country in an efficient manner. Everything from home goods to produce is loaded onto a truck and shipped to points all over the country. This means that we need to keep our trucks on the road. This high demand stresses the supply chain during both the assembly of new vehicles as well as the repair of trucks already in service. Meeting this demand requires that a commercial manufacturing service must themselves become masters in supply chain management. Let’s take a look at how internal supply chain management allows foundries to support America’s transportation industry.

Just-In-Time Is Out

Just-in-time manufacturing – the process of ordering raw materials to fulfill orders for finished products – has become less reliable in the past few years due to the pandemic. Foundries have begun to be more proactive in their procurement of raw materials. This allows them to get to work immediately when an order for more parts comes in rather than hoping that their materials will arrive on time to turn around the order.

Quick Turnarounds Are A Must

A commercial manufacturing service must be able to quickly complete parts orders and have them shipped out to their customers in as timely a manner as possible. The faster they can turn around reliable parts, the better. Keeping our shipping trucks on the road requires having the parts on hand to repair them at a moment’s notice. Quick turnaround times from foundries enable exactly that.

Reliability Is Key

While quick turnaround times can be a massive competitive advantage, they are meaningless if the quality of the parts suffers as a result. The best way to ensure that goods will be able to move freely throughout the land is to assemble trucks with quality parts from the beginning. Even the best-made parts will eventually wear out, but when you can be rest assured that they will be replaced with a part of the same quality – it makes all the difference.

Proactive, Fast and Reliable

Finding a commercial manufacturing service that is its own master of supply chain management may seem impossible. It may seem that way but Prospect Foundry is here to provide top-notch quality parts with industry-leading turnaround. Reach out today and see for yourself what working with Prospect is all about.

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