The Lingering Supply Chain Effects – And How to Overcome Them

Prospect Foundry March 17, 2023

The sun has risen! We have made it through the struggles of the pandemic. Restrictions have eased or gone away altogether. For the most part, things feel like they have returned to normal. However, when you look a bit closer, some lingering issues begin to emerge. Shipping continues to have fits. While labor has experienced a great recovery, it is still down from its pre-pandemic levels as many transition into new roles and new careers. These issues operate in tandem and are unlikely to subside anytime soon. So what are companies to do? How can operations that displayed the resiliency required to navigate through the pandemic overcome these challenges? What sort of adjustments are required for their logistics and supply chain management? Here we will take a look at each issue and consider the options available to companies to adjust their supply chain management in search of a solution.

A Day Late – Curing Your Shipping Woes

Let’s go back to the beginning of the pandemic. Shipping issues compounded every other problem that arose during the pandemic. Both raw materials and finished products were met with the same delivery issues. Fast forward over two years and it is clear that some of the problems have eased, but there is still tension. Shipping barges are able to dock once again. However, this only solves part of the problem. There is still a nationwide shortage of truck drivers, which has made it difficult to shorten delivery turnaround times. Thankfully, shipping is flowing at a predictable — albeit slower — pace. 

Foundries only have two options in improving their shipping turnarounds.

  • The first is to work with the most efficient shipping company available. On paper, this decision will at least allow foundries to give their strategic partners predictable, attainable delivery windows. However, this can backfire as every other company in the market pivots to the same shipper, causing a backlog reminiscent of the early stages of the pandemic. 
  • The other option available to foundries is a bit more ambitious. If a foundry has the ability to dedicate the capital needed to set up their own delivery mechanism, they could put themselves at a massive advantage in the market. They would be able to give precise shipping dates and could speak directly to any issues that could potentially arise. The client service advantage alone would make these foundries attractive strategic partners.

Many Hands – Strengthen Your Supply Chain Through Automation

It’s true that many hands make light work. However, many companies have seen their workforces shrink permanently as labor seeks different opportunities outside the field. This adds to the stress of foundry floors as the staff who remain dedicate themselves to providing the same quality castings they have always been known for. What can be done to maintain a consistent output along with a high level of quality?

Automation can go a long way in assisting foundry workers as they work diligently to fulfill orders. With further mechanical assistance, not only are quality and turnaround times assured, but the floor can become an overall safer environment to work in too.

Your Supply Chain Experts

At Prospect Foundry, we used the pandemic as an opportunity to redevelop ourselves and our processes. We have designed each function throughout our process with supply chain management as the central focus. 

If you would benefit from a casting strategic partner that lives and breathes logistics and supply chain management, reach out today!

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