How Guardian Software Systems Helps Us Deliver Results

Prospect Foundry June 9, 2022

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software makes operating a foundry easier by efficiently managing business functions within an integrated system.

Finding the right ERP software is important because it can help alleviate the stress of managing the unique costs and quality demands foundries encounter. We have considered these constraints and assessed many ERP providers, but none compare to Guardian Software Systems. Read on to find out why.

Guardian Software Systems is Specifically Designed for Foundries

The ERP software market is already a $50 billion industry, and it is expected to be worth much more by the end of this decade. While this is an impressive statistic, finding ERP software that is industry-specific is key. Manufacturers rely on us to produce the best OEM parts on the market. Guardian Software Systems has a wealth of industry knowledge that helps us accomplish our goals as a casting foundry. Guardian Software Systems drives our ability to produce high-quality, complex castings.

Guardian Software Systems Gives Us More Control Over Commercial Manufacturing

Modern casting foundries require constant attention and management to run smoothly. While our employees are adept at what they do, Guardian Software Systems allows them to produce results with the help of informed, curated data to save time and resources. Their ERP is powerful enough to handle every process of production from foundry through shipment so we can produce high-quality OEM parts and pressure-tight, low porosity castings in complex designs. 

Guardian Software Systems Helps Our Quality Assurance Processes

A good foundry ERP system is capable of not just tracking what goes on inside the foundry, but also managing processes and suppliers outside of the organization. Guardian Software Systems helps us account for outside factors and minimize risk, so we can focus on improving the quality of our commercial manufacturing systems. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and attention to detail when producing OEM parts and Guardian Software’s ERP provides a suite of visual metrics that allow us to do just that.

Work with a Market-Leading Casting Foundry

Since 1936, we have established ourselves as experts in commercial manufacturing and castings. We attribute these 85 years of successful service to our consistent and unyielding commitment to craftsmanship and quality. When it comes to casting projects of all sizes, choose a supplier that can offer a fully integrated solution by using design expertise and a seamless supply chain, delivering world-class products in a timely manner.

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