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Prospect Foundry December 14, 2021

As a tier 1 supplier to major OEMs, Prospect Foundry is proud to know that our castings are used across a variety of essential American industries. Dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of casting technologies while maintaining our time-honored tradition of superior craftsmanship, Prospect Foundry works hard every day to meet the needs of our clients, efficiently and effectively. Once completed, our castings make their way across the agriculture, construction & mining, fluid power, industrial and transportation markets, becoming essential components of the tools and machines that keep our lives running. Keep reading to learn more about the product lifecycle and applications of our castings across these markets. 


In the agricultural industry, having equipment you can trust to work when you need it is especially important. From implement seeder boots to flywheels, Prospect Foundy’s iron castings are used throughout the agricultural space. Our engine brackets have powerful tensile strength and elongation to serve tractors, trucks, and other agricultural vehicles. Our baler needles make quick work twine and our weights help farmers safely distribute weight on their tractors. The food on our tables doesn’t happen by magic; it takes a series of dedicated professionals from casters to machinists to farmers and beyond working together to keep us fed. 

Construction & Mining

Construction and mining are essential to the American economy. Prospect Foundry produces a number of products used in construction and mining, including clutch, compressor and transmission housings, manifolds, planet carriers and more. We produce turbochargers that increase power and impact fuel economy and emissions and specialized brackets for construction and mining vehicles. Keeping our construction workers and miners equipped with the parts their gear needs to run is a point of pride for Prospect Foundry. 

Fluid Power

Fluid power is often safer and more efficient than other forms of power transmission. The valve bodies produced by Prospect Foundry aid in the control of speed, direction, power and torque of fluid power systems like hydraulics and pneumatics. We also produce pump housings and adaptor covers to safely contain systems. 


We provide a number of products to the industrial market that keep machines, vehicles, and systems running smoothly. Lift eyes, which only have certified capacities when forged, are used widely across a number of industrial applications. We proudly forge lift eyes used on a variety of industrial equipment, including but not limited to: dies, motors, cabinets, molds, compressors, and heat exchangers.


The transportation market relies heavily on strong, forged iron castings. At Prospect Foundry, we produce a wide range of castings to facilitate strength, power, and efficiency in logistical transport. We produce long-lasting brake calipers, differential carriers, saddles, pulleys and more to support the work of our partners in transportation. 

Partner with Prospect Foundry 

Founded in 1936, Prospect Foundry is a leading supplier of precision, high-quality castings to OEMs in agriculture, construction, mining, fluid power, industrial and transportation markets.  Our commitment to craftsmanship, design, and evolving methodologies has earned us our reputation as a truster forger. We are dedicated to the standards expected of us as a tier 1 supplier. We look forward to continuing to work with OEMS across markets to provide the products they need to keep their machinery and equipment reliable, powerful and safe. 

Contact Prospect Foundry today to learn how we can form a partnership. For more information about our company or our product line, visit us online at https://prospectfdry.com/.

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