How We Use Recycled Metals to Make World-Class Products

Prospect Foundry October 5, 2022

Recycling has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. Reports of entire truckloads being discarded into ordinary landfills have left many consumers wondering if any materials get reused at all. Thankfully, in the casting industry recycled metal plays a pivotal role in the design and development of OEM parts and ductile iron castings.

At Prospect Foundry, our technicians use cutting-edge processes to breathe new life into old metal, crafting what was once discarded into a fresh, world-class product. We use over 600,000 pounds of recycled metal every month – here’s how it’s done.

Quality Systems and Practices

The only way to synthesize top-tier products for the agricultural, construction, mining, industrial, and transportation industries with recycled metal is through a commitment to quality systems and practices. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified foundry, we take pride in the caliber of our modern inspection tools and the expertise of our team. Our high-tech equipment implements in-depth metal chemistry to inspect all recycled specimens for grain structure while maintaining precise temperature control.

Through robust metrics and a commitment to craftsmanship, we are able to reform recycled metal to serve updated, real-world purposes.

Design and Development Expertise

At Prospect Foundry, we pride ourselves on being able to create pressure tight, low porosity castings in complex designs. To accomplish this with recycled metals, we combine engineering expertise with design savvy and a long-term mindset.

Using recycled metals to design new products allows us to shorten project development timelines and produce prototypes at a reliably rapid pace.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Coupled with our 85-year tradition of excellence in ductile iron castings is a continually renewed commitment to modern casting technology. Specifically, our versatile melting capabilities through the use of induction furnaces and pouring ladles allow us to quickly transform recycled metal into pliable material. Through nodularity, spectrometer, tensile, yield, and elongation tests, we ensure every sample is purely refined to the highest industry standards before casting. Our molding capabilities allow us to produce 15-80 molds per hour, depending on size and composition.

When the forces of quality, design and technology are combined, it leads to impressive outcomes. We’re capable of producing less than 5,000-PPM quality castings on a 25-day lead time, with over 95% of deliveries being made early or on-time.

Modern Casting Pioneers – Prospect Foundry

When you work with a tier 1 supplier like Prospect Foundry, you partner with a one-stop shop who can bring your casting ideas to life. Our partnerships with metal suppliers, painting technicians, and machinists will create a workflow for your project–from casting designs to fully assembled components. 

Since 1936, we’ve been using recycled metal to create the OEM parts and ductile iron castings that keep America’s industries running. We create lasting partnerships with our customers based on verified results through our dedication to craftsmanship and by investing in modern casting technologies.

Ready to get started? Contact your friends at Prospect Foundry today to learn how we can help your business thrive.

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