Keeping Up With Changing Times

Prospect Foundry October 19, 2021

The technology for iron castings has changed remarkably in the last 85 years since Prospect Foundry began. Nevertheless, our team of casting experts has managed to remain a market-leading supplier, producing the highest-quality products with stellar customer service through changing times. By implementing modern design and development strategies, integrating our supply chain, and maintaining a relentless focus on quality, Prospect Foundry has not only kept up with the times, but led the charge into new frontiers in the casting industry.

Keep reading to learn more about how our team has made a dedicated effort to set the industry standard.

Engineering Expertise

At Prospect Foundry, we create low-porosity, pressure-tight castings for our clients with a wide variety of designs. This is only possible due to the engineering expertise of our team members.

Deep understanding is a product of having our “fingers on the pulse” of the casting industry for decades. Our intimate knowledge of the casting process, coupled with a dedication to craftsmanship, allows the design experts at Prospect Foundry to fashion prototype castings as well as low-volume shipments.

Technological Advancement

As is expected by any industry-leading company, keeping up with the times is also dependent on the advanced technology the team utilizes. The professionals at Prospect Foundry have extensive training operating the latest state-of-the-art casting systems, as well as spectrometers, coating tanks, curing ovens, molding machines, grinders, blast machines, and many more.

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A key way that we ensure that our dedication to cutting-edge technology remains robust for years to come is through dedicated capital investment in our facilities. We continuously invest a portion of our revenues into maintaining and upgrading our production facilities and expanding our capabilities – this is what gives Prospect Foundry and our team a competitive edge in the market.

Fully Synergized Supply Chain

As an additional safeguard against falling behind the times, Prospect Foundry has implemented a complete supply chain management system; this means that we work with trusted partners in the painting and machining industries so that we can deliver fully-furnished, certified, and assembled components to our clients. After receiving a shipment from Prospect Foundry, your equipment can be put to use right away.

Having our eyes and hands on all aspects of the production process has allowed us to adapt to innovation and changes in the industry in a much more rapid and informed way than our competition: we see the entire picture. Additionally, because casting is generally the most intensive part of the supply chain, with the slimmest margin for error, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver a superior product.

The Prospect Foundry Way

Since 1936, Prospect Foundry has been a market leader in complex cored gray and ductile iron castings. This is only possible due to our consistent and unyielding commitment to innovation and quality through changing times. When it comes to your project, choose a supplier that can offer a fully integrated solution by utilizing design expertise and a seamless supply chain, delivering your company the products you need in a finished and timely manner.

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