Why Craftsmanship Still Matters in Manufacturing

Prospect Foundry January 19, 2022

In the 85 years since Prospect Foundry has opened its doors, the industry has changed immensely. The major industries that our castings service – agriculture, construction, mining, transportation, fluid power, industrials – now represent hundreds of billions of dollars of the national industrial output. The scale and importance of quality castings is immense and continues to grow every year.

In a market such as this where advancing technology helps to maintain high levels of production, does craftsmanship still have a place? Does engineer expertise from experienced professionals still matter in manufacturing?

In short, absolutely. Here’s why.

The Limits of Technology: How You Use It

One of the hallmarks of Prospect Foundry is our commitment to cutting-edge casting technology. These technologies ensure that we can create highly specialized and customized casting products for the unique needs of our clients on a sizable scale.

However, technology is limited to the expertise of the user. Without a team of experienced foundry professionals operating these machines with attention to detail, there is no advancement at all. Thus, craftsmanship helps ensure that new technology is implemented in a way that increases productivity and quality.

Keeps Low and Medium Volume Producers in Business

In any business, several key factors determine the price of a product, with quality being the most important. Giant conglomerates can often manufacture more of a product at a low price, but when mass production is the goal, craftsmanship (and thereby, quality) often fall by the wayside.

A deviation to craftsmanship is what keeps low and medium volume producers in business. The largest manufacturers in any industry will never be able to establish a monopoly if other producers are continually crafting a better product. Craftsmanship helps keep markets competitive and high-quality.


When our foundry workers craft a product in the forge, they build it to last. Commitment to excellent craftsmanship helps ensure that every product we ship was made with the intention of serving a long and useful life. A focus on longevity and results is one of the primary tenets of the Prospect Foundry business philosophy, and a chief way of pursuing that goal is through craftsmanship.


The performance of any casted products starts in the forge. Typically, the casting is the most complex component of the final assembled part. Casting defects are one of the most dangerous threats to the performance of a completed part, and margin for error during the casting process is extremely slim. Without a dedication to expert craftsmanship, parts simply will not perform as well as they should. At Prospect, we take pride in forging the highest quality products through both design expertise and attention to detail during the casting process. To ensure optimal performance of any product, pay special attention to how it’s made.

The Prospect Foundry Way

Since 1936, Prospect Foundry has been a market leader in complex cored gray and ductile iron castings. We attribute these 85 years of successful service to our consistent and unyielding commitment to craftsmanship and quality. When it comes to your project, choose a supplier that can offer a fully integrated solution by utilizing design expertise and a seamless supply chain, delivering your company the products you need in a finished and timely manner.

Contact your friends at Prospect Foundry today to learn how we can form a partnership. For more information about our company or our product line, visit us online at https://prospectfdry.com/.

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