Why We Lead with Our Core Values

Prospect Foundry August 17, 2021

Since 1936, Prospect Foundry has been a market-leading supplier of complex cored gray and ductile iron castings. With an aim at producing the highest quality products, we combine modern casting technologies, engineering expertise, and a focus on craftsmanship.

With a mission like this, it’s important that we strive forward guided by the right principles. In our 85 years, we have held fast to the core values, allowing them to influence and inform our products, our workplace, and our customer service. Here are the 4 key values that drive us at Prospect Foundry.

Own the Solution

The dedicated professionals at Prospect Foundry believe in taking responsibility and solving the problem at hand. In order to “own the solution” and bring it to closure, we practice the 3 R’s:

  • Identify the root cause and treat it
  • Be resourceful and utilize the tools and talents available to us
  • See the project through to complete resolution

Taking accountability and ownership of the job from beginning to end allows us to effectively and diligently serve our clients.


We know that to give our clients the best results and to produce the highest quality products, we need to embrace the love of what we do. Passion for our work and for the teammates around us inspires us to work harder and longer to create the best castings and provide the best service. When the workplace is filled with passionate and driven people, it becomes fun.


Though Prospect Foundry has been a market leader for over 85 years, we are continually striving to get better. This means consistently enhancing our products and processes with state of the art technology, as well as training our staff to meet client needs with excellence and promptness. We also acknowledge our role as a player in the community, and we strive to make it better through the way we operate our family-owned, American-made business.


Lasting improvement and change occurs when you empower a team to make those changes themselves. At Prospect Foundry, our leadership focuses on the empowerment of our workers to a higher level of performance through:

    • Respect for their work and craftsmanship
    • Entrusting each team member with responsibility
    • Providing the proper resources necessary for excellent work
    • Recognizing stellar performance

The Prospect Foundry Way

Building a product, a brand, and a company that lasts and thrives for nearly a century requires hard work and commitment to your core values. At Prospect Foundry, we lead with those key values because it helps us to serve our clients, team members, and community in the best possible way. By owning the solution to every problem, fostering passion for our work and each other, continually improving, and empowering those around us, we can continue to serve our valued clients and stand the test of time.

Contact your friends at Prospect Foundry today. For more information about our company or our product line, visit us online at https://prospectfdry.com/

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