Employees at Prospect Foundry in Minneapolis pictured here await parts before continuing to cast due to supply chain shortages.

How Is the Supply Chain Shortage Affecting Foundries?

Supply chain shortage has been the phrase du jour lately. Through no one’s fault, every facet of our lives has felt some ripple effect of entire industries not being able to meet demand, and foundries are no different. From raw materials to shipping finished products, foundries have also had to deal with their own backlogs, just like everyone else.

However, that does not serve as an excuse. Industries rely on foundries to keep the nation moving forward. This has increased the need for foundries to be masters in supply chain management. Even still, some things are out of their control. Let’s take a look at some of the issues foundries have to combat when facing the supply chain shortage.

Raw Deal On Raw Materials

The biggest issue plaguing foundries has been access to raw materials. As an industry that is so reliant on access to specific substances to create products that will meet specifications, when you lose access it stops everything. While challenging times call for creative solutions, there is only so much flexibility a foundry will have when the implements they are producing must be able to withstand intense, extended use. 

There is little use to pivoting to an “almost the same” material if it will cause a failure sooner than anticipated. This would cost foundries their reputation, which could lead to an even larger disaster where some foundries are forced to close their doors. If you think things are choppy now, imagine what the supply chain shortage would be like with fewer foundries. So that leaves everyone with only one viable (if still not good) option: to wait.

Slow Shipping 

Supply chain shortages have halted shipping to and from Minneapolis foundries, such as Prospect Foundry.

The supply chain shortage has made it much more difficult to rely on shipping. When producers are finally ready to ship, transportation is already in a backlog. Over the last couple of years, shipping companies have had to make difficult decisions in prioritizing which loads to ship as health care has needed (for very understandable reasons) to stay at the front of the line. Regardless of which industries have been prioritized, the pinch has been felt across the board. This issue has been compounded by the fact that it occurs on both sides of the link in the chain that is production. It is made even worse in situations where a product moves from a producer to a retailer that relies on shipping to deliver goods to the final destination.

There Are Brighter Days Ahead

Prospect Foundry is excited to bring solutions to ease the supply chain shortage pinch felt in our neck of the woods. We are able to boast a highly competitive 25 day lead time on projects, which gets orders in our customers’ hands faster than other foundries can handle. With 95% of our orders shipping on time, we use a powerful combination of technical expertise and reliability. If you have a project that you needed yesterday, reach out today for a quote and let us get your company back to business.